Kayaks And Canoes

The Kayaks And Canoes

The three boats are similar in size, class and price range, but the three kayaks have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Storage and portability

The inflatable kayak gets maximum points here because of its ability to be stored in a closet. In addition, its portability does not require any additional cost, since you must buy additional kayak accessories, such as canoe cars and expensive roof racks.

The traditional Perception kayak is ideally stored in a shed or garage. It requires a kayak or a canoe-kayak cart and a roof bar to be transported at any distance.

That said, the Perception kayak was the easiest to transport over short distances and the two plastic boats do not require you to pump them before the trip(tørrdrakter).

Performance and comfort in the river.

Without a doubt, that’s where the Sundance Perception kayak makes sense: speed, tracking and maneuverability. In a quiet river, the Sundance makes the other two kayaks in every way.

The kayak sitting on the top gives a good feeling of space because it is not enclosed in a cabin and really feels in harmony with the river, but that is probably because it is! Unfortunately, paddling in a kayak sitting on a river full of seaweed and algae means that you end up covered in lentil and everything the river has to offer.

Also, regarding the inflatable kayak/kajakk, the tracking on the seat leaves much to be desired. However, I imagine that if the river flowed quickly, Yak’s sport would be much more enjoyable.

The inflatable kayak has a clear advantage in a long trip and is the comfort factor.

The inflatable kayak also offers the best storage space for your accessories with space behind the seats and on the front of the kayak. Elastic bow and stern cords allow even more kayak accessories to be loaded, allowing the ship to be transported on extremely long trips tørrdrakt.